coffee vending chicagoSingle-cup brewing is as fresh as it gets!!! Fresh beans, from any coffee roaster of your choice, ground and then brewed in to your cup. No cartridges. No syrups or powders. These brewers allow us to provide freshness, convenience and top-quality beverages to coffee drinkers. The “greenest” of the coffee systems, these brewers dispense directly into your re-useble mug and have zero non-organic waste. All by-products of this system are biodegradable.

  • Avalon – Avalon Brewers (manufactured by Cafection of Quebec City, Canada) use their unique Reverse FrenchPressbrewing method to extract and capture the finest characteristics of the coffee.Starbucks uses only Avalon for their in-office brand brewer. With a wide range of models from the sleek Petite X to the multi-selection Gourmet, there is an Avalon Brewer to fit your specific needs. The Avalon is the only single-cup coffee brewer that will satisfy even the most cultivated coffee drinker and Avcoa Vending has it!!!!
  • HLF – The HLF 5500 fresh grind automated espresso and gourmet beverage bar is the perfect compliment to your coffee service or can be used as your sole option for a variety of hot beverages. This Italian designed system creates an amazing espresso, an Americano style cup of coffee, mocha or a cappuccino.