Crop to Cup

Avcoa Vending was looking for something different for our coffee customers. We certainly found it when we began our partnership with local coffee importers, Crop to Cup. C2C travels off the beaten path to help Avcoa Vending bring exotic origins to your office. Unique coffees such as Burundi Bwayi, Uganda Bugisu and Banyon House begin your coffee expedition.

Good People + Good Coffee = Something good.

So there’s good coffee, then there’s good coffee that does good too. Crop to Cup has taken “fair trade” to a new and even more personal level. C2C builds relationships with farmer groups and export partners, providing them the technologies they need to bridge the gap between their crops and their customers.

We all know homemade pie tastes better. The same holds true for coffee; knowing the person who cared for your coffee, and the story that goes into your cup, can enhance even the casual coffee experience. Crop to Cup believes that the quality of life for participating farmers is a large factor in the quality of coffee they produce.

Crop to Cup delivers great coffee to us. Avcoa Vending delivers that same great coffee to you.

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