Micro-Market Vending

Why Micro Markets?

The reason you have vending service is to provide your employees the refreshments and supplies they need to work comfortably without having to leave the office and cost you man-hours.

Lets take it to the next level…

How about giving them 10x’s the options vending machines would provide and saving them the trip to the store on the way home.  Well, let’s introduce you to the Avcoa 3 Square micro-Market!


Avcoa Vending’s Three Square Markets use a revolutionary self-checkout kiosk designed specifically for use in business and industry convenience stores.

Customers simply pick out the items that they would like to purchase, scan the UPC symbol at the kiosk and pay for them using one of three methods:

Credit Card – MasterCard and Visa accepted

Market Accounts – Cash, credit or debit can easily be added to the 32M Market Accounts

Cell Phone App – Use individual smartphones to purchase items from the market using the Market Account. Faster and more efficient than standing in line.

Some benefits of a 32M Market at your place of business include: 

salads -fruit -fresh, healthy foods

• Employees make choices by being able to touch products prior to purchase

• Take home products improve work/life balance

• Improves the corporate culture

• Fully automated inventory ensures freshness

• Subsidies are easily regulated and customizable

• Many advantages over vending

• Healthier, happier employees

yogurt parfaits and yummy smoothies

• Large assortment of products, including healthy choices

• Improves employee efficiency

• Energy efficient

• Reduces employee travel expenses for snacks or lunch

• Reduces extended breaks of employees