Fresh Food

Avcoa Vending offers a wide variety of fresh food options. Our carousel style vendors allow the customer to select any of the 154 items in the machine, not just the few front items. To insure the safety of our customers, the temperature is constantly monitored and the machine will shut down if there is any un-safe temperature variance. All items are clearly dated for freshness and NO items are left in the machine beyond their posted date.

Our tasty deli selections include sandwiches, salads, fruit and veggie trays, bagels, yogurts, milk, cereal, juices, breakfast, lunch and dinner options using many whole grain breads and fresh ingredients. We provide “heart smart” low-sodium and low-fat products for those who need to monitor their diets and all of your favorites such as burgers, brats and burritos for those who just like what they like!! All of our fresh food options are created by the Midwest’s industry leading commissary, Kitchen Fresh. We also carry the most popular selections from national favorites Landshire, Bridgeford, Don Miguel, NY Deli, Pepperidge Farms and Deli Express.

Fresh vending machine food

Many fresh food selections!!!

Other meal options

Many smaller customers do not have the population needed to provide fresh food programs. Avcoa Vending has a solution!!! Even for our smallest customers, we have designed custom delivery systems to provide many shelf stable, non-refrigerated meal options. Healthy Choice soups, Hormel Complete meals, Mac n Cheese, Ramen Soups, Oatmeal and Chef Boy R Dee meals can all be vended directly from your snack machine. All you need is a microwave and there is a hot meal available anytime you need it!! Call us for the details.