Food for Thought

Avcoa’s Food for Thought program will help you establish healthy vending service. This 3 step program uses the latest products available, the most widely recognized nutritional guidelines (such as NAMA’s FitPick/CPS LearnWell) and follow-up/feedback forms to define, implement and maintain a “real”, not “virtual”, healthy vending program.

Step 1- Define your program

Avcoa will help you find the nutritional guideline criteria that best fit your workplace/school and then use these guidelines to design your menu plan-o gram. (A plan-o-gram is simply a guide to determine the products a machine will carry) Once the plan-o gram is developed, the route man will follow it to fill the machines with the requested/required selections. We have existing programs that commit from 30-100% of all products will follow the criteria. NAMA’s FitPick program is our most popular and comprehensive nutritional guideline system. FitPick not only provides the criteria, it also provides media to help promote the program.

Step 2 – Implement your program

To begin implementing your program, we must first select the products. Avcoa will provide samples for you to choose from or conduct a tasting for employees, faculty or  students. Next, we will get the word out by promoting the program.

We use

  • Green Spiral pushers to show which spirals/columns contain the healthy selections
  • Stickers and clings on the machines to show the program criteria and nutritional information
  • Posters and “press releases” to promote the program and healthy eating in general

Step 3 – Maintain your program

Avcoa will track product sales, consult your route man, provide avenues for feedback (e-mail/Twitter/texting/forms) and complete follow-up taste testing to ensure that your program remains successful and your employees, students and faculty are getting the selections that they love while maintaining healthy eating habits!!