Fit Pick

What is FitPick®

Avcoa’s unique FitPick® Program is our signature nutritional outreach initiative since 2005, is designed to provide our customers with the nutrition information they need to make informed snack choices. Since the program’s inception, many Chicagoans from all walks of life have purchased their snacks from Avcoa vending machines featuring FitPick products.

What is FitPick® SELECT?

FitPick® SELECT is a FitPick® programming component that is specially designed to meet stringent nutrition guidelines. It is the ideal option for schools and other locations who aim to provide snack choices that comply with the nutrition standards established by the USDA for snacks sold in schools.

FitPick® SELECT Meets New Smart Snacks in School Standards

NAMA’s FitPick Nutrition Video – YouTube
FitPick® is a healthy vending and micro market labeling program, to help vending operators and consumers identify products that meet recognized nutrition gui…