Your facility may have an excellent kitchen in your cafeteria, but you can’t keep it open 24 hours a day. Let Avcoa Vending bridge that gap and provide healthy options for fresh food, beverages, snacks and coffee for your visitors and faculty during those hours your kitchen is closed. We can provide cashless purchasing options (credit cards/magnetic swipe ID etc) for even more convenience. Avcoa will help you design your vending area, both service options and look, to complete the satisfaction and overall experience of your visitors.

  • Healthy options

Avcoa’s Food for Thought program will help your hospital establish healthy vending service.

  • Adequate coverage

Emergency rooms, outpatient waiting areas, offices or professional buildings can often be a long walk to the cafeteria. You don’t want to inconvenience your guests or have your employees taking important time out of their day just to grab a quick snack or soda. Avcoa will provide enough satellite equipment to keep refreshments close to everyone and give complete coverage to your entire campus/facility.

  • Revenue

No source of revenue can be overlooked when trying to fulfill your budget requirements. When selections, services, pricing and commissions are all at a proper level, your vending service will be an excellent revenue source. The best part about this revenue stream for you…’s effortless! Avcoa will provide you  with the equipment, the service and the monthly commission checks. All you provide is the privilege of serving your guests and employees.