Energy Efficiency

internal energy saving device

motion sensor/energy saving

In every application available, Avcoa Vending uses ENERGY STAR® rated equipment. Especially in refrigerated beverage machines, ENERGY STAR® rated equipment can reduce energy costs by over 30%. With existing equipment or when an ENERGY STAR® rating is not available, Avcoa Vending uses the VM2iQ. Refrigerated beverage vending machines equipped with the VM2iQ use less energy and are comparable in daily energy performance to new ENERGY STAR® qualified machines. Vending Miser® and Snack Miser® are other energy saving options used by Avcoa. These units, developed by USA Technologies, use PIR and motion sensors to determine if customers are near the vending machines. If not, the machines are shut down. LED lighting, sleep modes, ventilation and regular maintenance are other ways Avcoa Vending delivers Energy Efficiency to our customers.

If you are interested in more detailed information on how these energy saving devices save you money, contact us for documented trials detailing usage and cost reduction for these devices.

Example Specs of an Energy Star vendor