Doctors/Employee Lounge

Doctors and their support staff work many long hours. They have very little time between patients and procedures and often cannot leave the hospital. The doctor’s lounge is a place to rest, relax, and recharge for those few precious moments they have. Show your appreciation for these VIP’s by providing them with complimentary refreshments.

  • Complimentary Food/Snacks
  • Avcoa has a Complimentary Food and Snack program that will work for your hospital. (Beverages too!!!) We can deliver daily trays of fresh foods (bagels/muffins/fruit) or weekly baskets of grab and go snacks like trail mixes, granola bars, energy bars, dried fruits or classic favorites like pretzels and chips. For meetings or special events, ask about our breakfast and meeting packages from partners Get Local Chicago. Imagine starting off your meeting or event with local favorites Hillary’s Cookies, Sweet Miss Givings gourmet mini-loaves and washing it down with Bean and Body drinks or Innekas teas.