Pop Chips

Pop Chips are healthy, delicious and all-natural. How they do it? Well, first, let’s talk about how they don’t do it. They never fry their chips. That just puts a lot of stuff in there that we could all do without. We never bake our chips either. That just takes a lot of flavor out, which, as snackers, we simply can’t do without. They actually found a way to pop all the flavor in while keeping fake stuff and more than half the fat of fried chips out. Thanks to the magic of popped. Check em out here

About Avcoa

Avcoa, Inc. opened its doors for business in 1965. Mr. Spencer Comitor has been the sole owner of during its 42 years of longevity. Spencer founded the company on one simple principle, which remains our organizational policy today – to provide our customers quality product at a good value, and do it with outstanding service.